Dog stabbed 9 times taken in by unique rescue group with extraordinary story

RIVER ROUGE, MI — The man who stabbed her was sentenced to six months behind bars this week, but the story of Harley Quinn the pit bull-mix doesn’t end there. She survived the stabbing, underwent lung surgery, won the hearts of new caregivers and is still recovering.
Harley was stabbed nine times on Feb. 1 by her owner’s boyfriend because she defecated indoors, according to police. Patrick O’Connor, 25, of Chesterfield Township, pleaded guilty to the crime and was sent to jail Tuesday.
The dog remains traumatized by the attack. “If she has an accident because of the medication she’s on, it’s pure terror that comes on her face and it’s heartbreaking,” said Kayli Sparks, one of the dog’s rescuers. Harley’s fate is now in the hands of two people with painful pasts and dramatic recoveries of their own. Read more >

Dog rescued from the third story of an abandoned Detroit building

David McMurtrie with Pit Stop for Change showed up and faced danger to save the dog. “It was touchy because of the burned out building and holes in the floor.” Read more >

River Rouge animal group fights to stay open

River Rouge — In many ways, David McMurtrie’s troubled past might mirror that of the dogs he cares for.

The co-founder of a Downriver dog rescue says his mission to save homeless dogs began with a relationship with a pit bull after he got out of prison in 2007.

“I am a walking billboard for the American pit bull terrier,” he said. “These dogs saved me … finally gave me something to care about.” Read more >