Pit Stop for Change Rescue & Rehabilitation is a volunteer non-profit organization. Our greatest asset is our volunteers – the time, energy and expertise that they bring! The more volunteers we have, the more dogs we can save!

Steps to Becoming a Volunteer:

Step One:
Please complete and submit the volunteer application below.

Step Two:
The volunteer coordinator will hold an informal, phone or in-person interview with each prospective volunteer to determine whether a match exists and to understand the perspective volunteer’s skills and how the perspective desires to assist the organization and its dogs.

Step Three:
Attend a volunteer orientation meeting. During the orientation, you will learn about Pit Stop for Change Rescue & Rehabilitation and the many volunteer opportunities.

Step Four:
Attend a training workshop for the volunteer position(s). In the case of volunteers desiring to handle and work with rescue dogs, volunteers are required to attend one of our handling workshops where we will determine your level of skill.